Chihuahua dog


I love dogs! And since you're here, you probably do too. 


Dogs complete our families. They give us unconditional love and shower us with big wet kisses. They make us laugh and bring us joy on a daily basis. Our lives just wouldn't be the same without them – and they deserve to be celebrated.


Unfortunately, their time with us is far too short. That's why it's so important to have beautiful, lasting photos of them to cherish and display.  

Whether big, small, shy, boisterous, purebred, mutt – your dog is unique. I capture that uniqueness – their true spirit, their personality, their silly quirks. And best of all, I make it fun! Lots of treats, toys, belly rubs, and crazy noises are always involved. Oh, and lots of patience. 

Thanks for being here. Take a look around, and get in touch with any questions or to book a session.  



"Happiness is a warm

puppy" - Charles Schulz


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